Secretary-General: Jiří Buriánek

Jiří Buriánek
As Secretary-General of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), I am the head of an administration of 600 civil servants which implements decisions taken by the political bodies of the CoR, the assembly of local and regional representatives, the Bureau, the Conference of Presidents of political groups and the President, and supports members in their legislative and political activities.

I support the President in representing the CoR's interests vis-à-vis the other European institutions and bodies and I manage day-to-day affairs relating to administration, budget and communication.

The citizens of Europe are calling for a shift in their involvement in the areas that matter to them most. There is a clear mandate for all EU institutions to listen to citizens more and show them that they matter. I am convinced that the CoR, representing the local and regional politicians who are the closest to the citizens, can play an important role in this context.

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Jiří Buriánek
Secretary-General of the European Committee of the Regions

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