Work of the CoR

The members of the Committee of the Regions, appointed regional and local representatives directly elected by their fellow citizens, gather at the CoR to have their say on the development of EU laws that impact regions and cities. They can intervene at several stages in the EU law-making process:

Pre-legislative phase: the European Commission draws up a legislative proposal

  • The CoR organises consultations with local and regional authorities
  • The CoR cooperates with the European Commission on impact assessment

The European Commission adopts the legislative proposal and MUST consult the CoR

The legislative proposal is discussed by the EU Institutions: the European Parliament and Council consult the CoR

  • The CoR organises consultations with associations representing local and regional authorities and with subsidiarity monitoring network partners
  • The CoR commissions draft an opinion
  • CoR members gather in Plenary to vote and adopt the CoR's official opinion on the legislative proposal

A legislative proposal is significantly altered by other EU institutions

  • The CoR adopts a revised opinion

The European Parliament and Council implement new EU legislation

  • The CoR monitors the implementation at regional and local level
  • If the legislation adopted does not show regard for the subsidiarity principle, the CoR has the right to bring an action before the European Court of Justice