Structured dialogue

Aim of Structured Dialogue

  • to improve EU legislation by ensuring that the views of local and regional associations are taken on board before formal decision-making processes start;
  • to ensure a better understanding of the EU’s policy guidelines and to make the EU more transparent and meaningful to its citizens;
  • to strengthen policy coordination between the Commission and local and regional authorities.
Different types of Structured Dialogue  
  • a general dialogue with the President of the European Commission, concentrating on issues of broad interest such as the annual work programme of the Commission;
  • a thematic dialogue with the appropriate Commissioner, focused on a specific EU policy area, e.g. communication policy, maritime policy, education policy.

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10th Structured dialogue

10th Structured dialogue between the Commission and European Associations of Local and Regional Authorities confirms the importance of multi-level governance

The 10th Structured dialogue between the European Commission and associations of local and regional authorities was held at the CoR headquarters in Brussels on 27 November. The meeting stressed the urgent need for a coordinated approach on all levels of European governance to achieve economic recovery, new jobs and sustainable growth. The Dialogue, opened by the Secretary General of the CoR, Gerhard Stahl, and the Secretary General of European Commission, Catherine Day, was attended by representatives of all major EU stakeholders representing views of sub-national authorities. Read more...