EuroPCom 2013: presentations, reports and videos

​General information

Opening session

A1 - Campaigning for Europe

A2 - European elections going local

B1 - Online public communication

B2 - Conversation session social media

B3 - e-government, e-citizens, e-lusions?

C1 - Public communication and politics

C2 - Putting communication on the policy agenda

Key note lecture

D - Monitoring and evaluating campaigns

E1 - Strenghtening your administration's reputation

E2 - Administrators or ambassadors?

E3 - Reputation of the EU institutions

F1 - Storytelling in public communication

F2 - Talking about EU projects

F3 - Conversation session storytelling

Closing session

  • Anthony Zacharzewski (Democratic Society): video - presentation
  • Simon Anholt (Indep. governm. advisor): video


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