Thank you for helping make EuroPCom 2021 such a big success!

​The 12th edition of the annual European Public Communication Conference is over and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
Under the headline “Changing communication - Communicating change”, this year's edition addressed three of the most topical issues of the decade: Democracy, Green Deal, Digitalisation and the impact of COVID-19 on these areas. Each of these three themes were presented, discussed and interactively tackled from different angles by no less than
  • 78 gender-balanced speakers, moderators and facilitators, with
  • about 700 participants, over
  • 15 sessions, workshops and ideas labs, with the opening session and the workshops on digitalisation and democracy scoring the highest participation rates.
The strong interactive element on this year's platform was reflected in the virtual marketplace and the networking carousel, which generated intense traffic, with respectively 2031 unique visits and 86 matches.
Social media were not at rest either with 138 unique authors and about 300 mentions of #europcom during the event.
Of all the participants who provided feedback after the event 83% rated the quality of the sessions from good to very good in terms of content and format.
If you missed or want to review some sessions you can now find the links to the session recordings on the Programme pages of the event webpage.
Again, the organisers want to thank all the speakers, moderators, facilitators, exhibitors and participants who made this success possible!

We look forward to seeing you again at EuroPCom 2022!

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