Peer-to-peer cooperation  

Promoting dialogue and cross-border cooperation 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cooperation between local and regional authorities (LRAs) in the EU and their peers in third countries is an important component of the European Committee of the Region's (CoR's) work on external relations, which encompasses the dimensions of enlargement, neighbourhood, and development. ​



Many CoR Members have, in the past, successfully carried out peer-to-peer cooperation with non-EU partners, partially facilitated by the CoR. This has been the case in particular with Libyan municipalities within the framework of the Nicosia Initiative, the CoR's open platform developed to strengthen Libyan local authorities, foster inter-municipal cooperation and to encourage stabilisation. This was also the case with Ukrainian cities and regions, thanks to peer-to-peer cooperation implemented in 2018-2019 with the support of the U‑LEAD with Europe programme of the European Commission. The new phase of peer-to-peer cooperation with Ukraine will be launched and implemented in 2022, with the support of the EUACI programme and its Integrity cities concept, focusing on anti-corruption measures and on raising transparency of public administration.

​As a practical tool for peer-to-peer cooperation, the CoR keeps a register of the specific expertise and interest of its members and alternates through a standing sur​vey


The possibility to participate in the European Commission's TAIEX P2P programme opened recently for local and regional authorities from all of the Western Balkans countries. The CoR secretariat may facilitate the "matchmaking" of the interested CoR members and LRAs from EU MS with their Western Balkans counterparts for TAIEX and Twinning programmes.

The Team Europe Partnership Portal is a platform to support partner countries in finding innovative, effective and efficient tools that can help achieve the SDGs, eradicate poverty and address inequality and build inclusive and sustainable societies. The platform will create a bridge between members of Team Europe and partner countries, supporting the emergence of partnerships. It will be officially launched in April 2022.


For more information about peer-to-peer cooperation possibilities, please contact:

​​Southern neighbourhood: Mans Lindberg at, + 32 2 282 22 03

Nicosia initiative: Mans Lindberg at, + 32 2 282 22 03, and Benedetta Oddo at

EaP countries, including Ukraine: Darja Gontsarova at, +32 2282 2545

TAIEX, Western Balkans: Marinko Raos at, +32 2 282 2422​​​

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