European Cross-Border Citizens' Alliance 

The European Cross-Border Citizens' Alliance was launched in 2020. It is an initiative that aims to better the life of European citizens living in the EU's border regions.

The European Cross-Border Citizens' Alliance has multiple stakeholders; these are the:​

  • European Committee of the Regions
  • Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)
  • Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière (MOT)
  • Central European Service for Cross-border Initiatives (CESCI)​

Border regions in the EU

The internal border regions cover 40% of the EU's territory, accounting for 30% of its population (150 million people) and hosting almost 2 million cross-border commuters. Since the establishment of the single market and the Schengen area, many new opportunities have been created in border regions, and these regions in many cases have ceased to be peripheries, and have been turned into places of growth.

Challenges to living in border regions

Nevertheless, many obstacles still remain. Citizens living in border regions continue to encounter difficulties in their daily lives, whether it be finding a job, accessing healthcare, everyday commuting or overcoming administrative problems. Similarly, businesses face obstacles that hamper their growth and local and regional authorities (LRAs) continue to face challenges in establishing deeper cross-border cooperation such as cross-border public services.

These challenges became even more apparent during the COVID-19 crisis where after decades of free movement, borders were closed overnight putting citizens and businesses in border regions in great difficulty and resulting in massive negative economic and social impacts. It is therefore crucial to overcome these obstacles in order to mobilise the opportunities that open borders offer to citizens and businesses and to take the necessary measures to achieve and maintain this even in a crisis situation.

Increased cooperation

On the other hand, it should be noted that the crisis also animated multiple forms of cooperation, and revealed cross-border interdependencies and solidarity, that now must be organised and strengthened through European and national public policies taking fully into account the specificities of cross-border regions.

Declaration and Resolution on cross-border cooperation

On the right hand side, you will be able to read the European Cross-border Citizens' Alliance declaration Cross-Border regions at the heart of tomorrow's Europe which led to the Adoption of the Resolution Vision for Europe: Future of Cross-Border Cooperation on 1 July 2021 by the CoR Plenary.

​This resolution is a result of numerous discussions, stakeholder consultations and public consultations that took place from July 2020 to July 2021, and it outlines concrete proposals of the Alliance and the CoR towards the Conference on the Future of Europe.​​​


  • Declaration

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  • Resolution on a vision for Europe: future of Cross-Border Cooperation

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    1. български(106.03 KB-DOCX)Download
      Резолюция относно визия за Европа: бъдещето на трансграничното сътрудничество
    2. hrvatski(116.8 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rezolucija Vizija za Europu: Budućnost prekogranične suradnje
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      Usnensení - Vize pro Evropu: Budoucnost přeshraniční spolupráce
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      Resolution om en vision for Europa: fremtiden for det grænseoverskridende samarbejde
    5. Nederlands(123.63 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resolutie over een visie voor Europa: de toekomst van grensoverschrijdende samenwerking
    6. eesti(118.51 KB-DOCX)Download
      Visioon Euroopast: piiriülese koostöö tulevik
    7. suomi(122.01 KB-DOCX)Download
      Päätöslauselma aiheesta "Visio Euroopasta: rajatylittävän yhteistyön tulevaisuus"
    8. français(95.28 KB-DOCX)Download
      Résolution sur le thème Une vision pour lEurope: lavenir de la coopération transfrontalière
    9. Deutsch(122.03 KB-DOCX)Download
      Eine Vision für Europa: Zukunft der grenzüberschreitenden Zusammenarbeit
    10. ελληνικά(133.48 KB-DOCX)Download
      Ψήφισμα με θέμα: Όραμα για την Ευρώπη: το μέλλον της διασυνοριακής συνεργασίας
    11. magyar(125.53 KB-DOCX)Download
      Állásfoglalás: Európa jövőképe: A határon átnyúló együttműködés jövője
    12. italiano(123.66 KB-DOCX)Download
      Risoluzione - Una visione per l'Europa: il futuro della cooperazione transfrontaliera
    13. latviešu(122.08 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rezolūcija Eiropas redzējums: pārrobežu sadarbības nākotne
    14. lietuvių(125.45 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rezoliucija dėl Europos vizijos. Tarpvalstybinio bendradarbiavimo ateitis
    15. Malti(128.19 KB-DOCX)Download
      Riżoluzzjoni dwar viżjoni għall-Ewropa: il-futur tal-kooperazzjoni transfruntiera
    16. polski(125.98 KB-DOCX)Download
      REZOLUCJA - Wizja dla Europy: przyszłość współpracy transgranicznej
    17. português(121.13 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resolução Uma visão para a Europa: futuro da cooperação transfronteiriça
    18. română(124 KB-DOCX)Download
      Rezoluție pe tema O viziune pentru Europa: viitorul cooperării transfrontaliere
    19. slovenčina(119.64 KB-DOCX)Download
      Uznesenie na tému Vízia pre Európu: budúcnosť cezhraničnej spolupráce
    20. slovenščina(114.23 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resolucija - Vizija za Evropo: prihodnost čezmejnega sodelovanja
    21. español(123.22 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resolución sobre Una visión para Europa: el futuro de la cooperación transfronteriza
    22. svenska(119.13 KB-DOCX)Download
      Resolution - En vision för Europa: framtiden för det gränsöverskridande samarbetet
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