How to organise an event  

​The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) can host events (conferences, receptions, seminars and exhibitions) organised by a variety of bodies, such as regional representations, EU institutions, regional associations, foundations.

Please read carefully the Rules of procedure before submitting your application form. A draft programme of your event must be attached.

Basic rules

  • Your application must be submitted minimum three months prior to the requested date.
  • Your event must be supported by a Member of the CoR (his/her name and signature must appear on the application form) – NB. this is not applicable to EU institutions.
  • The organisers of conferences in the premises of the CoR are strongly encouraged to include at least one woman in their panel of speakers. Otherwise their application could be refused or cancelled.
  • The theme of your event must be related to at least one of the top political proirities of the CoR.
  • Your event must be attended by a minimum of 50 participants (not including organisers and speakers)
  • The event must not have a commercial purpose; no commercial activity is allowed on the CoR premises
  • All events taking place at the CoR must be free of charge (no fee is allowed for any part of the event (conference,catering etc.)

Failure to respect any of these rules may result in the cancellation of your event at any time.

When can I organise an event?

Your event should respect the following schedule:

  • Monday: 09:30 -17:30
  • Tuesday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:30

What does the CoR offer?

The following logistics are provided by the CoR:

  • Conference venues to accommodate 50 to 150 delegates
  • Signage and badging
  • Supply of technical equipment (podium, screens, interpretation booths, etc.)
  • Announcement of your event on the CoR webpages and in the CoR electronic publications 

Catering services are available from the CoR contractor at the organisers' expense, but organisers can also contract external catering services under certain conditions.

Interpretation services shall be organised and paid by the organisers.

What is the capacity of conference rooms?

Click on the meeting room number to see the picture

  • JDE 51: 109 seats + 13 for the speakers, 11 interpretation booths
  • JDE 52: 150 seats + 15 for the speakers, 13 interpretation booths
  • JDE 53: 55 seats + 7 for the speakers, 3 interpretation booths (+ 25 chairs)
  • JDE 70: 50 seats + 16 for the speakers, 7 interpretation booths
  • VMA 1: 80 seats + 55 seats (with non-permanent headphones) + 11 for the speakers, 10 interpretation booths
  • Atrium 5: used for receptions and similar events (max. capacity: 500 persons)
  • Foyer 5: generally used for exhibitions (max. capacity: 150 persons)

How to apply?

  • Conference: Applications to hold a conference, a seminar or a similar event in the CoR must be made using the appropriate application form (EN) to be submitted minimum 3 months in advance. A final reply will be sent within 10 working days. All further correspondance shall be sent by email to/from
  • Exhibition: Applications to hold an exhibition at the CoR should be made using the appropriate application form (EN) to be submitted 4 to 6 months in advance, with detailed information on the theme and visual and technical specifications. All further correspondence shall be sent by email to/from

Contact us

  • For questions related to the organisation of conferences or similar events:
  • For questions related to the organisation of exhibitions:
  • Postal address:
    Committee of the Regions
    Directorate for Communication
    Events Unit
    rue Belliard 99-101
    B - 1040 Brussels