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The new Urban Mobility Framework

Opinion Number: CDR 952/2022
Rapporteur: GAASCH Linda
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 11/10/2022



Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM)

Participation of the CoR in the first meeting of the reformed Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM).

25 Oct

Participation of rapporteur Linda Gaasch in EP REGI Committee meeting

The rapporteur presented the key messages of the CoR opinion during the discussion of the report by the REGI Committee (associated Committee) on the New Urban Mobility Framework.
The intervention by was well received, with several REGI members expressing their support for the key messages highlighted. REGI Chair Younous Omarjee thanked the CoR for its input and commented on the REGI Committee's role at the interface between cohesion and sustainable mobility. He also recalled REGI's responsibility for urban-rural connectivity and the urgent need to mitigate increasing social fragmentation by ensuring improved connectivity, as highlighted by the CoR opinion.

24 Oct

Recommendations from CoR opinion taken up in AMs tabled in TRAN Committee.

20 Oct

Recommendations from CoR opinion taken up in AMs tabled in TRAN Committee

A series of the recommendations set out in the CoR opinion were taken up in amendments tabled by members of the EP's TRAN Committee.

20 Oct

Opinion covered in Forbes business magazine

Key messages of the CoR opinion and interview with the rapporteur included in the following article published by Forbes magazine:

14 Oct
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