Subsidiarity Monitoring Network 

​​The Subsidiarity Monitoring Network (SMN) was set up to facilitate the exchange of information between local and regional authorities and the Union level through the whole policy cycle regarding various documents and legislative proposals which, once adopted, will have a direct impact on these authorities and the policies for which they are responsible.

Its members include Parliaments and Governments of regions with legislative powers, local and regional authorities without legislative powers and local government associations in the European Union. It is also open to CoR national delegations and chambers of national parliaments.



  • Enabling local and regional authorities to be active in monitoring the application of the subsidiarity and proportionality principles
  • Supporting regions with legislative powers through REGPEX – a subnetwork of the SMN open to parliaments and governments of regions with legislative powers

Key act​​ivities

  • Supporting parliaments and governments from regions with legislative powers via specific platform REGPEX during the Early Warning System period
  • Raising awareness of the practical application of the subsidiarity principle and facilitating best-practice exchange
  • Keeping CoR rapporteurs and members informed about contributions regarding subsidiarity and proportionality from a representative network of local and regional authorities
  • Identifying measures for better law-making, cutting red tape and increasing the acceptance of EU policies by EU citizens
  • Facilitating inter-institutional dialogue on subsidiarity through a biennial Subsidiarity Conference​

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