Conference of Presidents 

The Conference of Presidents (CoP) consists of the President, the First V​ice-President and the Presidents of all political groups. The CoP prepares the work and facilitates the search for political consensus on decisions to be taken by the other constitutive bodies (the ​​​Plenary Assembly, the Bureau, and the commissions).
The CoP meets ahead of each Bureau meeting, usually on the same day. Extraordinary meetings are also organised in Brussels or abroad, notably twice a year in the EU country holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU.​


​​​​​​​​​What is its composition?

The Conference of Presidents (CoP) is composed of: 

  • ​President 

  • First Vice-President 

  • Presidents (Chairs) of the political groups 

The Presidents of the political groups may be represented by another member of their group.

What are the tasks of the CoP?​​

The Conference of Presidents (CoP) debates any question submitted to it by the President, with a view to preparing and facilitating the search for a political consensus on decisions to be taken by the Committee's other constituent bodies. The President, in their communication to the Bureau, should report on the discussions that took place at the meeting of the Conference of Presidents.


What is the length of the political term of the CoP?

Just like the President and the Bureau, the Conference of Presidents has a term of two and a half years.​


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