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Dar prioridad a las personas, asegurar el crecimiento sostenible e inclusivo y liberar el potencial de las regiones ultraperiféricas de la UE

Opinion Number: CDR 4073/2022
Commission: COTER
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 08/02/2023
welcoming the fact that the European Commission has accepted the challenge posed by the Committee of the Regions and the Outermost Regions, supported by their Member States, of reviewing the former EU Strategy in order to adapt it to the post-pandemic situation, as this recognises the particular vulnerability of these territories to external shocks and the need for aspecific response from the European Union;
requesting the European Commission to take into consideration the negative impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the Outermost Regions, such as the inflation, the increase of the energyprices and food security, among others;
asking the European Commission to extend beyond 2030 the exclusion of the Outermost Regions from the Emissions Trade System (ETS) and to consider the possibility to enlarge the exclusion to the flights within the archipelagos and between them and other Member States issuing tourists;
underlining that sustainable blue economy is one of the major sectors to foster OR´s economic growth and encourage the job creation and entrepreneurship, as well as the need to support the renewal of the ORs artisanal fishing fleet;
recalling that it is not enough to include "safeguard clauses" to ensure fair competition on social,environmental and health issues, it is needed to insert "mirror clauses" to guarantee the same EU standards to the imported products. This reciprocity should also apply to services;
asking the European Commission to involve as observer the European Committee of the Regions in the regular meetings of monitoring the implementation of the renewed Strategy;
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