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 Affordable. Social. Sustainable. Local solutions for housing  

Housing is a human right that must be guaranteed to everybody. But today, more than 80 million individuals, including many young people, are affected by the lack of affordable housing in Europe. The housing emergency is a long-term challenge, but the effects of the recent crises have made this problem an urgent matter that requires progressive responses.

Local and regional authorities must be recognised and supported by the European Union in their crucial role in addressing the housing shortages in a sustainable way despite the lack of financing. To strengthen Europe's cohesion and build a socially just and inclusive recovery, we need to make sure that everyone benefits from decent, affordable and sustainable housing.

Through this Progressive Local Lab, following the implementation of the PES Group campaign #HousingForAll and as part of the European Year of Youth, we want to put forward ideas to support different housing policies in the future.

Participants will be divided into different groups to prepare recommendations on four key topics: youth and housing, sustainable housing, emergency housing, and social housing. With the support of experts and PES Group members, they will develop a joint declaration to be presented at the forthcoming PES Group meeting on the same day.

Join us for this interactive and insightful debate!

Although hybrid, this lab will focus on interaction among participants. The opening, closing and one of the tables will also be made available in web-streaming. Due to the interactive nature of this lab, we will be able to accept only a limited number of participants. 

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