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ARLEM Award 2020 - Young local entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean  

The enterprise Rima Dates from Algeria is the winner of the ARLEM Award 2020 - Young local entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean. The enterprise was created in 2014 by Leila Rima Boussada and her brother Hammou Boussada from Ghardaia, Algeria.  They focus on low evaluated varieties of dates to produce new market products such as syrup or dates vinegar, stuffed dates with nuts and enrobed with chocolate.

Rime Dates operates in an oasis area in Algeria, bringing economic dynamism and new income opportunities for the local population. They bring also awareness on good practices as they produce compost from production cycle as to be zero waste. The enterprise created six direct jobs since 2014. In addition it has un important impact on indirect jobs as they train the farmers and their families on post-harvest good practices like cleaning and grading dates.

Rime Dates received support from ANSEJ, a national agency for youth employment which supports young entrepreneurs at local level. It has supported the company in starting with taxes exemption and facilitation in financing.

Algeria is one of the biggest dates producers with more than half million ton per year. Yet, only the Deglet Nour variety is widely commercialised (35% of the total production).

The other shortlisted candidates

Sanad Association (Israel): Social empowerment association and youth entrepreneurship incubator for the Palestinian communities in Israel.  Working on strengthening and sustaining the well-being of the local Palestinian communities living in Israel by developing both human and social capital. Sanad is guiding youth into creative thinking and into implementing initiatives - a way of encouraging entrepreneurship and training young leaders into becoming future executives. Sanad's incubator employs 9 workers, 7 out of them are women.  LRA support is provided by Taybeh Local Municipality. 

PresenTense (Israel). Entrepreneurship and education programmes for low-income communities in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Non-profit enterprise that promotes entrepreneurial ecosystems in disadvantaged communities. The ‘Made In’ program in South Tel Aviv and Jaffa works in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality and includes numerous initiatives with youth, young adults, parents and teachers in entrepreneurship. It provides youth and young adults between ages 16-35 from low-income populations in Tel Aviv-Jaffa with entrepreneurial skills. Employs 13 workers. Their collaboration with the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality includes financial support, staff support and support in hiring staff, use of facilities, involvement of volunteers from the municipality and mutual training.

Live Love Recycle (Lebanon). A recycling waste collection service and waste sorting education programme for companies and schools in Beirut. First recyclable waste collection service in Beirut. Employs 15 workers, men and women, some of them standing below poverty line, both refugees and Lebanese. Participates in the education of waste sorting by giving workshops in companies and schools. Supported by former Mayor of Beirut at starting.

Eco Wave Power Ltd (Israel). Renewable energy enterprise developing an innovative wave energy generation technology. Israeli company that has become a world leader in shaping the technology that allows companies to harvest the power of sea waves. Employs 14 people and operates at international level in different countries. Supported by Atarim (a state and municipal owned agency) which provided first site research and development wave energy station. Operational in Jaffa Port since 2014. Now Atarim supports the extension of this energy station. ​

Organizer: ARLEM Secretariat
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