Social Media ToolKit  

On Europe Day, help us spread the word about regions and cities across the EU working at the forefront of the coronavirus crisis!

Our social media toolkit helps you to raise awareness about:

  • The CoR COVID-19 Exchange Platform
  • The CoR Declaration on EU Response to COVID-19.

You can use the below 2 images, suggested sample messages, hashtags and links for the social media posts you want to create.

How to use it, step-by-step:

  1. Download the visual in your language by clicking on the corresponding language code.  ​
  2. Log on to your favorite social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or other.
  3. ​Copy and paste one of the sample messages that you can download from the "messages in all EU languages" link or create your own message that includes the #EuropeansAgainstCOVID19 and #EuropeDay hashtag. Do not forget to include the respective link into your message:
    ​​F​or the Exchange platform:
    ​For the CoR Declaration:
  4. Upload the image saved onto your desktop to accompany your post.
  5. Share your post and encourage others to join #EuropeDay, #EuropeansAgainstCOVID19.