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EuroPCom 2016 - About  

​About EuroPCom 2016

The seventh edition of EuroPCom was held on 20th and 21st October 2016 in Brussels. The conference brought together communication managers and senior experts from local, regional, national and EU level. Over a dynamic two-day programme, more than 600 communication professionals attended 24 sessions of the event, exchanging views on the major challenges of EU and public communication and on the changing context in which the EU communication is taking place. As an extra networking opportunity in 2016, EuroPCom opened "ideas labs" for interested participants to find partners for their projects or share experience on issues of common interest.


The European Public Communication Award aims to showcase the best practices and to promote professional EU communication at all levels of governance.

In total, 17 applications were received for the award, coming from eight different countries. The fourth award was presented during 2016 EuroPCom conference to three outstanding communication campaigns from Poland, Italy and France. Congratulations to the award winners!

First prize: "European Funds Open Days 2016" , Ministry of Economic Development in Poland

This ambitious Polish nation-wide project allowed participants over three days to see, feel and touch the effects that the EU funds have on their daily lives. The events, to which almost 900 EU funding beneficiaries participated, attracted 225,000 visitors, while the TV and radio spots linked to the events reached more than 12 million people in Poland.

Second prize: ​"Lost in Sardinia", Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Italy

This web series of 25 episodes shows in an interesting and humorous way how EU funds are used to help the rural economy of Sardinia and what are the achievements of the for the local people. Its uniqueness is in particular in its innovative script appealing to young people, and the ability of producers to truly engage the local farmer community in its creation.

Third prize: "In Brittany, Europe invests in your daily life" , Regional Council of Brittany, France

This project strives to debunk the myths portraying the EU as highly bureaucratic and money spending by showing how the everyday life of normal people is improved by an EU funding intervention. The success of the campaign is that it is straightforward and easily understandable. The two videos of the campaign on transport and were shown with an impressive reach in cinemas, regional TV, and web portal.


EuroPCom 2016 is organised by the European Committee of the Regions, in partnership with the European Parliament, the Slovak EU Presidency, the Council of the EU, the European Commissionand the European Economic and Social Committee.

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