EuroPCom 2020 – Time for Communica[c]tion  

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted the key role of communication in enabling government action and prompting public response, and has brought about seismic changes in how we need to communicate. We all had to very quickly adapt to this challenging situation and introduce innovative and creative ways of working and communicating: video​ conferences, distance meetings, hybrid events and distance learning have become commonplace.

These exceptional circumstances have also caused changes to EuroPCom. In June, it was organised for the first time as a fully digital event, with a series of three webinars addressing the issue of communicating in times of emergencies and of fake news, and the "new normal" in post COVID communication.

On 7-8 December, EuroPCom 2020 - Time for Communica[c]tion will again be fully online, and will look at the opportunities and challenges in communication around three key themes: Citizens, Green and Digital. It will also address two of the most prominent initiatives of the European agenda for 2020 that will have major implications for European public communication: the Conference on the Future of Europe and the European Green Deal.

During the conference, communication experts from different sectors will help members of the EuroPCom community to reflect on key questions, including: How should these initiatives be adapted to the new situation? How to communicate about them on the ground, so that priorities are not shifting? How do we ensure relevant and effective involvement of citizens? What impact does communication have on action?

Stay tuned and follow us on social media! All updates on the preparation of the conference will be published on this website and announced ​on Twitter #EuroPCom and in our LinkedIn group.

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