​​​​​​​​​​​​The European Commission consults the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) at the earliest stage in the European legislative process on policy areas that directly affect the local and regional authorities. The CoR may also proactively adopt a position on a particular issue through an own-initiative opinion.

A democratic journey in three stages: discussion, drafting and voting:

  • The CoR president allocates a dossier to the relevant internal commission 

  • A CoR member is appointed as rapporteur. The rapporteur drafts an opinion and presents it for discussion, amendment and adoption by the members of the relevant commission

  • The draft opinion is presented and discussed at the next plenary session

Once adopted in plenary by CoR members, the opinion is sent to all EU institutions.

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​Impact of CoR work on EU legislation​

The political work of the CoR aims to increase the influence of regions and local authorities in Europe.

The impact of many opinions can only be measured in the years following their adoption, once the legislative process has sufficiently advanced.

During this time, impact reports are established using the following resources:

  • Reports from the European Commission on its follow-up to CoR's opinions
  • CoR impact assessment sheets summarizing the political impact of the opinions on documents of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council
  • Media impact monitoring of opinions by the CoR press office
  • A yearly average of 150 opinion related events organised by the CoR contribute to enhance the impact of the CoR opinions and resolutions in the EU legislative process.​


CoR Impact Report

CoR Impact Report – Executive summary

CoR Impact Report - Communication product

EC's follow-up to CoR opinions


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