Future of Europe  

​In recent years, governments and parliaments at all levels have involved citizens more frequently in participatory decision-making to improve quality, transparency and ownership of policies at local, national and EU level. On “the future of Europe", EU member states and EU institutions have held thousands of citizens' dialogues and consultations and have committed to continue this exercise in the years to come.

Together with the EU institutions, the CoR is working on the future of citizens' dialogues and consultations, which would have a more permanent and structured format, combined with a feedback mechanism, and the objective to better include the local level into the EU decision-making. In order to prepare for this new model, the CoR organised a series of seminars between April and June 2019 with experts from regional and local governments, think-tanks and foundations, and colleagues from the EU institutions. The outcome of these seminars fed into a compendium compiling the views of regional politicians, practitioners and academics. Click here​ to download it and discover more on how best to engage citizens.


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